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Urban Native Education Alliance Welcomes You

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 Clear Sky Academy

2021 – 2022 

 American Indian Historical and Contemporary Experience and American Indian Art and Culture, both courses are in partnership with Yellow Wood Academy. AI Historical and Contemporary Experience and AI Art and Culture meet the OSPI and Common Core State Standards for Social Studies and Fine Arts credits, respectively. 


NWA Basketball

Training Program

Training for 7-13 year old Boys and Girls at North Seattle College Wellness Center Gymnasium.


Thriving Through Education, Culture and Tradition

Clear Sky Mission

Collectively engage in activities and promote educational achievement. We strive to enhance our tribal identities, personal and community growth and wellness. We advocate for justice, equality and visibility in the Seattle community.


UNEA Mission

Engage all generations to serve and empower Native youth through education, culture and tradition.


Seattle Clear Sky Native Youth Council

SCSNYCis a youth centered, youth driven program of UNEA. Clear Sky originated in February of 2008 with a few Native youth initiating weekly gathering in response to the lack of cultural, social and academic support. Clear Sky and UNEA eventually merged as a natural evolution of parents, youth, educators, and community members coalescing together to strengthen their resolve to create successful grassroots organization with the clear purpose of serving Native youth. 

Clear Sky provides a number of resources, activities, educational and cultural opportunities not otherwise available or accessible to our urban Native youth. Clear Sky Native Youth Council Program has become a touchstone and a place of power for community building since its organic inception. Highlights of Clear Sky Program include: Leadership Council, Natives on the Rise Mentorship Project, Empowerment Workshops, Life Skills trainings, and our monthly Clear Sky Newsletters. Youth participants have opportunity to learn and grow specific skills sets and prepare for college, technology school and workforce through; civic and community service, stewardship, self- advocacy, and professional development. All programming and activities are designed for Native youth, Native youth voice, and with thoughtful attention to cultural relevancy and cultural responsiveness.





Monthly Newsletter

Monthly Print/Digital Newsletter that thrives through EDUCATION, CULTURE, and TRADITION

Free Programs

Free Tutoring, Mentoring, Talking Circles, Academics Support, Dinner, Youth Incentives, Newsletter, Employment/College Readiness





Roberta M. Wilson Scholarship Fund

This scholarship honors the memory of Roberta M. Wilson (Oglala/Cheyenne) for her life-long personal and professional dedication to Indian education. Roberta M. Wilson’s legacy of unwavering commitment lives on in the hearts, minds, and spirits of her students, and in the many lives she touched throughout her life. Roberta M. Wilson’s contributions to the advancement of students in higher education continue to inspire, ignite, and motivate those whom had the privilege to experience her leadership, wisdom, and guidance. Roberta M. Wilson embodied Lakota virtues and values, exemplifying cultural integrity in all her endeavors. This scholarship recognizes honorable scholars pursuing higher education while upholding their service commitment to their respective tribal community.

Youth Leadership Council Resolutions

Review the Clear Sky Youth Leadership Council's Resolutions on such things as Standing Rock, Two-Spirit, and more.

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